Pool Deck Resurfacing

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Our pool decks should be areas of our backyard that enhance our landscapes in more ways than one. Pool deck resurfacing is a great way to ensure that your pool deck surface is safe and enjoyable for friends and family.
Here at Concrete Conversions, we want you to be building and collecting happy memories when you use your pool during those hot summer months. Our professionals are here to help you get your pool deck back where it should be.
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    What is pool deck resurfacing?

    Your backyard pool deck should be a sanctuary for you and your family. Resurfacing concrete pool decks allows you to reuse the current pool deck materials and simply give them a longer lifespan with a new look. Resurfacing concrete allows you to redesign your concrete floors with overlays that can resemble different flooring materials like wood, brick, or tile.
    This is a process that rejuvenates your concrete and sparks life back into a surface that was looking old, dull, and worn out. Your pool deck concrete should feel comfortable on bare feet and cool for sensitive feet.
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    Pool Deck Resurfacing

    Enjoy your beautiful pool deck!

    We offer affordable and efficient options for pool deck resurfacing.

    Types of Pool Deck Resurfacing

    A resurfaced pool deck gives the owner the ability to completely redesign the same concrete surface. Keeping the same materials makes resurfacing concrete the best option for homeowners looking to make an eco-friendly option. Resurfacing concrete surfaces does not mean your concrete has to look the same as before or even look like concrete at all! Choose from the options below to take your concrete to the next level.
    • Stained Concrete pool decks offer homeowners pool decks that are long-lasting, affordable with prices starting around $1.50 per square foot, distinct colors and appearance, water-resistance, little to no maintenance, and a very natural appearance.
    • Pool deck pavers are highly sought-after in homes where children and elderly persons play and entertain themselves near the pool because they are extremely safe. Pool deck pavers are known for their incredible slip-resistance and their ability to be designed and repaired easily and quickly.
    • Kool deck pool decks are easy to spot when you know what you’re looking for. A kool deck is an incredible coating applied to a resurfaced pool deck that keeps the surface from overheating and hurting anyone who is bare foot. Kool deck that has been applied to your pool deck will not be overly sheen and can last for decades protecting the concrete beneath it.
    • Stamped concrete can mimic other flooring materials like brick, wood, or natural stone while providing all of the benefits of concrete.
    Types Of Pool Deck
    Do not let a concrete company convince you to tear out perfectly good concrete! Resurfaced pool decks are stronger and much more affordable.

    Affordable, effective, quick, and here for you!

    Pool Deck Resurfacing is the best eco-friendly option!
    A pool deck that has been resurfaced will last for decades protecting your friends, family, and guests.
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    Benefits of Pool Deck

    Benefits of Pool Deck Resurfacing

    Resurfacing pool decks is our specialty, don’t let the thought of reused concrete scare you! Pool deck concrete resurfacing is effective in so many ways, it has the potential to elevate your entire backyard landscape. Call our professionals to gain all of these benefits.
    • Resistance is a key characteristic for pool decks because when it gets wet, is it safe to walk on? A slip-resistant pool deck is crucial for all pool areas. Your pool deck needs to be resistant to UV-rays and climate changes that end up moving debris and sediment on the pool decks surface. When you’re walking on a pool deck you want a deck that will not burn you while you walk on it barefoot. A resurfaced pool deck can help guarantee all of these incredible resistant qualities.
    • Easy maintenance is beneficial for any home with a pool deck. Simple power washing and sweeping the pool deck should keep your deck happy and content.
    • Your pool deck will be resistant to damages caused by impact, chemicals, pool water, and natural elements, so it will not require special or expensive treatments.
    • Affordability is key when you choose to resurface. Completely replacing your concrete pool deck is unnecessary because resurfacing provides the same benefits and more. Replacing would cost thousands of dollars more than just resurfacing it. Resurfacing costs between $2-$10 per square foot depending on the complexity of the designs
    • Flexibility with design is a big reason why people choose resurfacing. A resurfaced pool deck allows pool deck owners the ability to choose from decks that appear to mimic wood, tile, brick, or natural stone.