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Cary, North Carolina
Here in North Carolina, concrete floors are important because they can resist hot and humid temperatures as well as cold and miserable weather. Concrete Conversions is dedicated to transforming any residential, commercial, or industrial property into the best flooring system you have ever had.
Decorative concrete offers different benefits for home and business owners that should be explored! For more information, call us now!
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    What is Decorative Concrete?

    Concrete does not have to be the grey, boring, tired, old, and common floor you think about when you think of concrete. Typically, concrete is associated with warehouse buildings, freeways, walkways, driveways, standard garages, scary basements, and more! Decorative concrete is simply concrete but that has been installed with different colors, designs, textures, and patterns that help make your concrete look like anything but concrete.
    Decorative concrete in homes with children and businesses that see a variety of foot traffic also install decorative concrete for the many safety benefits like heat and slip-resistance.
    Decorative Concrete

    Benefits of Decorative Concrete

    Just because your floors are concrete doesn’t mean they have to be boring! Call us now to learn more about your potential new decorative concrete floor!

    Enjoy Decorative Concrete Floors

    Residential, commercial, and industrial concrete flooring should not be a hassle and it should not expensive. Concrete is strong and durable for a reason, here at Concrete Conversions we believe that everyone deserves a well-designed and perfectly installed concrete floor. So why should you have a concrete floor?
    • They are not prone to scratching! That’s right, concrete floors are resistant against damages caused by wear and tear, making them great solutions for homes with pets and children and businesses with heavy foot traffic.
    • Low-maintenance is a luxury found with decorative concrete floors. With different coatings and sealants, concrete floors do not need special treatments of waxes.
    • These are eco-friendly! With homes and businesses wanting to contribute to a greener planet, decorative concrete is great because it reduces waste and does not require toxic chemicals.
    • Inexpensive solutions are the best! Because concrete is resistant to damages and is easily maintained, it is not an expensive solution, even from the beginning. Concrete is great from families and businesses sticking to a budget.
    • Design flexibility! Stamped, stained, coatings, polished, you name we have it! Decorative concrete is a truly beautiful and durable option.
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    Decorative concrete floors are flexible and versatile. Wherever you need them and whenever you need them, call our professionals today to get started. To find more of the services that we offer visit the homepage

    Decorative Concrete Flooring Cary

    Here your flooring solution is eco-friendly and non-toxic
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    Types of Decorative Concrete Solutions

    There are different colors, designs, patterns, textures, and flooring types that make up the term “decorative concrete.” Depending on what you want and need, look at the choices below to learn more.
    • Stamped concrete—this is a great option for concrete pool decks and driveways looking to make their concrete appear to be a different material, like wood, brick, or natural stone. The concrete can be colored to appear like the material it is mimicking and can be installed indoors or outdoors.
    • Stamped overlays—many outdoor areas, mainly pool decks, have been using stamped overlays because of their flexibility and unique safety features. Overlays are known for being fantastically slip-resistant and can also imitate stone or brick.
    • Polished concrete—concrete that shines just looks amazing! It is ground and polished to shine however you want it too. It is an affordable option that is with you for decades.
    • Coatings—concrete coatings offer protection for your concrete surface that is unique and can be used in designing your floors with different colors and textures. Coatings like epoxy floor coatings offer homes and businesses safer and much durable concrete floors.
    • Stained floors—this option provides concrete floor owners the opportunity to choose from earth tone colors that are a permanent solution. With this decorative concrete choice, the color will not chip or peel and will provide decades of opportunity to enjoy the floors.