Concrete Resurfacing

Cary, North Carolina
Are you tired of having to deal with your old, dusty and otherwise damaged concrete slab? Threatened by the fact that your slab could become crippled with a single drop of an item in its current state?
Well, other contractors in Cary may try to sell you on replacing your concrete, this process can take weeks and will put a massive hole in your wallet. This is where concrete resurfacing comes into play and you can learn all about this process down below.
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    The Process Of Concrete

    Because of the control concrete contractors have on the market, not too many people know exactly what concrete resurfacing really is. Our job today is to inform you of what the process really is and exactly what it can bring to the table in your home and even your business in some cases. Concrete resurfacing is a process where we take a thin layer of micro-topping to place a thin coat of concrete-like material over your existing concrete slab.
    This micro-topping serves more than one purpose as it both levels your existing concrete slab and fills all cracks and gouges to create a seamless surface that is ready for a concrete coating or to be sealed. We offer a wide range of concrete coatings like epoxy flooring, stamped concrete overlays, and even rustic wood flooring to bring your concrete back into relevancy with jaw-dropping visuals and unmatched performance. Concrete resurfacing will save you thousands of dollars and even provide a protective coating, unlike replacing your concrete.
    Concrete Resurfacing Cary

    Tired Of Old, Dusty And Damaged Concrete?

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    Why You Should Resurface Your Concrete

    When it comes to why you should resurface your concrete, the overall budget may be one of the biggest factors but, there are many more benefits that you stand to gain from using this process opposed to replacing your concrete. Down below, you will find the main reasons that home and business owners have opted into concrete resurfacing as opposed to replacing concrete.
    • Concrete resurfacing can actually make your concrete safer with improved traction and even effective light reflection
    • Resurfacing your concrete can also make your concrete more durable and stronger, especially when using epoxy flooring
    • Concrete resurfacing can also help your existing concrete slab last decades longer with little to no problems
    • Resurfaced concrete puts you in the driver seat of customizing your concrete slab, resulting in a one of a kind flooring that will be impossible to replicate
    Remember, to enjoy the full list of benefits of resurfaced concrete, only trust the assistance of professional contractors. Our team of concrete resurfacing contractors has access to the highest grade materials and tools on the market to ensure that the preparation and installation of your micro-topping are the best it can possibly be. To find more of the services that we offer check out the homepage!

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    Materials Used In Concrete Resurfacing

    Don’t get confused by our micro-topping as it can be used as a base for any of our numerous concrete coatings. Ready to see what we offer in terms of coating systems? We have taken the liberty in outlining all of our top materials used for the process of concrete resurfacing down below:
    • Epoxy flooring offers dozens of amazing variations that are each better than the next in some sense. We offer epoxy coatings like metallic epoxy, epoxy flake and even commercial epoxy flooring for our resurfacing projects. Not only is epoxy flooring beautiful, but it is also one of the most durable flooring options on the market.
    • Stamped concrete is one of the most customizable flooring options on the market. It is also extremely efficient for concrete resurfacing as it will fill all cracks and gouges in one session, greatly reducing the time it takes to finish your projects. Stamped concrete overlays offer finishes ranging from natural stone to intricate paver patterns.
    • Pavers are a great option for resurfacing exterior concrete; especially on patios, driveways and pool decking. Pavers provide an ultra-durable finish that will be resistant to moisture and even chemicals when paired with one of our high-quality sealers. We offer cement pavers, natural stone pavers and even brick pavers for the ultimate customization.
    • Rubberized floor coatings are one of the newest and eco-friendly flooring systems that can be used for the process of concrete resurfacing. What makes the rubber floor coating eco-friendly is that you can actually recycle the flooring into a brand new rubber floor coating when it becomes heavily damaged or soiled.
    • Rustic wood concrete is the way you can place wood flooring anywhere you wish the added bonus of having the durability of concrete. Our wood stamped concrete offers lifelike finishes through realistic stamps and the use of stains to create highs and lows. This flooring system even cuts out all of the harsh maintenance of traditional hardwood flooring.