Epoxy Flooring Systems
Cary, North Carolina
Are you considering making a switch from a traditional flooring system in your home or does your business require a more durable flooring system to protect its underlying concrete slab? Where other flooring systems don’t make the cut, our revolutionary epoxy flooring systems have your back! Our epoxy flooring offers benefits such as:
  • Superior Durability
  • Endless Customization
  • Care Free Maintenance
Want to learn more about our epoxy flooring systems and what they can provide for you? Well, we have outlined all the information you need to make the right choice down below.
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What Is Epoxy Flooring?
Before we begin to talk about the types of epoxy flooring systems and the benefits that they can provide, it would be good to know what an epoxy flooring system is. Well, our epoxy floor coatings are an ultra-durable and chemical resistant flooring system that we bring to our neighbors in Cary at ludicrously low prices! We make our epoxy flooring by combining a high-grade epoxy base with a hardener that goes to work as soon as the two make contact.
What makes our epoxies so strong is the chemical reactions that take place when the two materials are mixed together in a typical five-gallon bucket. After mixing the materials with a drill, we allow the materials to rest to make sure they are perfectly mixed. The process of applying the epoxy flooring is a time-sensitive process as the epoxy can cure right in the bucket if not careful! The result is a flooring system that is as durable that it is beautiful.
Epoxy Flooring
Push Your Home Or Business Into The Future!
Forget about the subpar flooring systems of the past, move in the direction of the future with the flooring industries most trusted flooring system provided by Carys’ professional epoxy flooring contractors. Give us a call today for a free, no-obligation quote!
Epoxy Flooring
Benefits Of Using Epoxy Flooring
Why so many home and business owners love and trust our epoxy flooring systems in Cary is the wide range of benefits we provide as one of the few professional epoxy floor coating companies in Cary. Are you curious about what an epoxy floor coating can do for you? We have outlined the best benefits of using an epoxy coating down below:
  • The epoxy concrete floor is an ultra-durable flooring system that is resistant to both physical damage and chemical damage
  • Epoxy floors are also super hygienic and stain resistant, making the maintenance procedure almost carefree
  • There are hundreds of different configurations with epoxy with the use of pigments, metallic additives, and flakes
  • The epoxy floor coating also offers a rapid installation process that can have you back using your flooring in as little as 4 days!
  • Epoxy also has the ultra-long service life of 20-30 years when it is both professionally installed and properly maintained during this timeframe.
To make sure that your epoxy flooring offers the full range of benefits possible, we recommend only using professional assistance in your epoxy flooring project. Unprofessional contractors won’t only provide subpar flooring, improperly installed epoxy will need to be repaired and replaced in a fraction of the time as a professionally installed epoxy floor coating.

Americas Most Trusted Flooring System

Epoxy Flooring Is The Answer To Your Flooring Woes
Our team of epoxy flooring contractors are dedicated to bringing only the best finishes to our neighbors in Cary. For epoxy flooring that you can trust, give us a call today!
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Benefits Of Using Epoxy Flooring
One of the greatest advantages that we offer opposed to the other guys is the wide range of epoxy floor coatings that we bring to our fair city. We are one of the top epoxy flooring companies for a reason and down below you will find all of the amazing epoxy concrete coatings that we provide to our neighbors.
  • Metallic epoxy is one of the most modern and exotic flooring systems on the entire market! This is because metallic epoxy offers finishes; with the help of solvents, brushes, and blowers, such as mimicking clouds, lava, and even waves to craft a truly one of a kind flooring system with the durability of industrial epoxy
  • Commercial epoxy is one of the few flooring systems that have been approved by the USDA for use in most sensitive commercial facilities for its extremely hygienic and seamless surface that is able to withstand even the harshest industrial cleaners and solvents. Commercial epoxy can be used in commercial facilities ranging from retail all the way to medical
  • Garage floor epoxy is the nations most popular garage floor coating for a reason. Garage floor epoxy offers and extremely durable and stain-resistant finish that won’t crack or waver even under heavy use or heavy vibrations.
  • Industrial epoxy is the nations strongest flooring system on the market to this date. Industrial epoxy flooring offers a staggering weight resistance of up to 15,000 PSI when professionally installed and when compared to concretes measly 3,500 PSI, you can see how large of an upgrade industrial epoxy provided
  • Residential epoxy is the missing link in many homes between functionality and styling. With residential epoxy flooring, you can craft a modern flooring system that can defend against the daily life in a real household like dropped objects, scratches, and abrasions from pets and toys and even moisture from accidental spills
Metallic Epoxy Flooring