Epoxy Garage Flooring

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    What is epoxy garage flooring?

    Epoxy garage floors are extremely beneficial for residential homes who require strong and durable surfaces. Epoxy coatings are made up of a resin and hardener mix that bond with a porous concrete floor and then, as it dries, it creates a strong, almost plastic-like, the surface that prevents toxins and harsh chemicals from penetrating its barrier.
    Garage floors are constantly being exposed to chemicals, vehicle fluids, humidity, and so much more that damages the naked concrete. Epoxy garage coatings ensure that you do not have to monitor your floor because your concrete will always be protected by a strong and resilient surface.

    Enjoy your garage, Carefree!

    Use your garage to store your machinery, vehicles, chemicals, and whatever else you need to store. You do not have to compromise your floors well-being when you have a professionally installed epoxy floor coating.

    Benefits of Garage epoxy coatings

    Epoxy garage floors have become highly sought-after in the last decade because it is a reasonable way to have a unique flooring solution while also being affordable and very durable. Our epoxy flooring installers have acquired the best installation techniques over the years and have been nothing but successful in their installations. So, what are the benefits of epoxy garage floors?
    • Affordability—with a price tag around $3-$10 per square foot
    • Durability and strength—with a weight range of 10,000 PSI your concrete floor will be extremely safe from harm and with a 10 or more-year lifespan, epoxy garage floors are worth the investment
    • Resistance—epoxy floors are resistant to slippage, impact, scratching, abrasions, water, mold/mildew, and staining.
    Your garage floor, when it has an epoxy floor coating, is extremely durable and resistant to damages. The benefits are truly unlimited, so don’t wait, call us today.

    Garage Epoxy Coating

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    What can an epoxy garage floor offer you?

    Epoxy garage floors are resilient works of art that can turn your regular garage floor into a work of art. There are different types of epoxy garage floors that can turn a boring garage into your dream garage floor! With a properly installed epoxy garage floor, there isn’t anything that will damage your floors!
    • Metallic epoxy floors—these floors are colorful works of art that require craftsmanship. Metallic epoxy garage floors are beautiful floors that provide a 3D illusion. These floors are highly resistant to damage and require very little maintenance. Metallic epoxy floors are 100% solid; therefore, they are resistant to scratches, mold, mildew, water, impact and anything else that could occur in a garage.
    • Colors and designs—garage epoxy floors offer garage owners the opportunity to choose from different colors and design options.
    • Safety features—a garage floor is where you and your family will spend your time, so make sure it is a safe place to be. Epoxy garage floors are fire and slip-resistant, this is a great function that other flooring solutions do not have.
    • Versatility—garage epoxy floors are versatile because they can withstand different amounts of pressures from hot tires to hot and humid weather and cold and dry weather. Epoxy garage floors are great for an ever-changing climate and an ever-changing.
    • Maintenance—a garage floor will eventually need some cleaning, why not install a floor that is easy to clean and easy to keep that way? Garage epoxy floors are quick and easy to clean because they do not allow any chemicals or liquids to be absorbed into the concrete’s pores. This makes cleaning an easy wipe or rinses, instead of a back-breaking problem.